SURE 2014: Sustainable Practices in Central New York

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October 2 & 3, 2014, Syracuse, New York

SURE began in 2005 as the Sustainable Use of Renewable Energy (SURE) project, one in a suite of programs that grew from ESF’s first U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant.

In its tenth year, SURE continues to advance professional development and collaboration between the private, public, and non-profit sectors around renewable energy, sustainability, and related environmental challenges.  Our ability to continue to serve Central New York, New York State, as well as students, practitioners and scholars far beyond our States borders has relied on the long-term commitment of ESF faculty, staff, and many dedicated collaborators.

More recently, SURE has benefited from a collaboration with the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership (SEP), a partnership of SUNY-ESF, Syracuse University’s Whitman School of Management and L.C. Smith College of Engineering and Computer Science, and the Syracuse Center of Excellence in Environmental and Energy Systems. This fall’s program especially reflects the leadership of Dr. Cliff Davidson, Thomas and Colleen Wilmot Professor of Engineering at Syracuse University, and Dr. Todd W. Moss, Assistant Professor of Entrepreneurship and Sustainability and Faculty Director of the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership at the Whitman School of Management at Syracuse University.

Join us this week or in the future as we evolve this program in service of our shared commitment to a sustainable future.

My appreciation goes to, among others on and off campus, my ESF colleagues Katherina Searing, Terry Webb, Tom Amidon, Tim Volk, Mike Kelleher, Neil Abrams, Rick Smardon, and Paul Crovella. Thank you.

Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost for Outreach, SUNY-ESF

Dr. Robin Wright inducted into 3M’s Carlton Society

SUNY-ESF congratulates our friend and colleague Dr. Robin Wright, 3M Corporate Scientist, on his induction into the Carlton Society.  This honor was announced at the 51st annual 3M awards ceremony this year.

The Carlton Society is 3M’s technical “Hall of Fame” consisting of top 3M scientists who contribute to the company’s culture of innovation.  Members of this society are nominated by their technical peers and are considered world-class leaders in their field.  Check out this video from 3M about this distinguished society.

With his tremendous expertise in UV-curable coatings, we agree that Dr. Wright is a great addition to the Carlton Society.  Dr. Wright has used that expertise to advise and actively encourage the SUNY-ESF/RadTech Radiation Curing Program in serving and advancing the radiation curing field.  We thank Robin for his leadership and join the 3M and RadTech communities in congratulating him on this most deserved achievement.

Dr. Robin Wright (left) guards the SUNY-ESF/RadTech Radiation Curing Program’s Jim Boheim autographed basketball from his colleagues at the UV/EB East 2013 conference.

SURE: Sustainable Practices in Central New York

Join expert faculty, researchers, & practitioners from Syracuse and beyond as we explore Sustainability Practices employed in Central NY. Presentations at SURE 2014 will highlight new environmental services and job opportunities that are being developed in the Central New York area.

Visiting the Harbor Brook Combined Sewer Overflow Treatment Wetland Pilot Plant is just one of the exciting opportunities during SURE 2014.

On Thursday October 2nd, Dr. Brad Allenby, Sustainable Enterprise Partnership Fetner Sustainability Fellow and Professor at Arizona State University, will kick-off the conference with remarks on “Industry, Urban Management and Sustainability.”

On Friday, October 3rd, discussion panels will cover topics including “Sustainability Initiatives at Higher Educational Institutions,” “Carbon Footprinting & Climate Action Planning,” and “Green Infrastructure Projects & Evaluations.”

Following these panels, attendees will tour the ESF Gateway Center Green Roof, the Harbor Brook CSO Treatment Wetland Pilot Plant, and the Onondaga Lake Clean-Up & Visitors Center. Explore the full conference schedule online!

Consider attending this conference if you are interested in learning about science, policy, technologies and the growth of sustainability practices in New York State and beyond.  Register online today to save your spot! We hope to see you on October 2nd & 3rd!


A New Era at SUNY-ESF Starts Now!

The Onondaga Lake Bioblitz is just one of many events celebrating Dr. Wheeler's inauguration as ESF's new President.

The Onondaga Lake Bioblitz is just one of many events celebrating Dr. Wheeler’s inauguration as ESF’s new President.

Make plans to join the ESF community in celebrating the inauguration of our new campus president, Dr. Quentin Wheeler.  Inauguration events include the Kick-Off Picnic, Academic Symposium, Presidential Roast, Inauguration Ceremony, and even the Onondaga Lake Bioblitz.

Discover many exciting species during the Bioblitz, a 24-hour exploration of life living in and around Onondaga Lake highlighting the importance of biodiversity and conservation. Scientists will work alongside citizens all day and night to inventory as many species as possible in the 24-hour window.  Register today and stop by the Honeywell Visitor Center on Friday or Saturday to experience this whirlwind event! 

Visit the Inauguration webpage to register today!

New Beginnings

I enjoy wishing students and colleagues a “happy new year” on the first day of classes. It’s even more fitting on a glorious fall day like this year’s first day of classes (not that there is ever reason to complain about the weather in Syracuse!).

The bikes are back on campus for the new fall semester!

The bikes are back on campus for the new fall semester!

Here at ESF, we are embarking on not only a new academic year but also the installation of our new campus president, Dr. Quentin Wheeler. A web page devoted to President Wheeler’s inauguration outlines the events including a Presidential Roast, an academic symposium, and a bioblitz at Onondaga Lake. The centerpiece event is the formal Inauguration Ceremony at 10:00 a.m. Friday, September 12th in Hendricks Chapel. I hope you will join the ESF College Community – in person or from afar – as a new era unfolds.

Join us, too, for one or more of the College’s new and ongoing outreach programs. Programs serve K-12 students, professionals, students at other colleges/universities, and other lifelong learners from communities of practice and scholarship near and far. Last year, ESF Outreach staff enjoyed working with the College’s faculty, staff, alumni, students, and off-campus collaborators to serve over 4,000 participants in a diverse range of credit and non-credit educational programs.

Along with ongoing programs such as ESF in the High School, Professional and Field Engineer short-courses, Summer Session, and SPARE (solar power installation training), explore these additional opportunities for 2014 – 2015:

  • The 6th Annual New York State Biotechnology Symposium will be held at the Brookhaven National Laboratory May 12-13, 2015.
  • The SUNY-ESF/RadTech Future of UV/EB Webinar Series kicks off August 27, 2014 with Lance Pickens, CEO and Founder of MadeSolid, who will present “UV 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing.”
  • The Dale L. Travis Lecture Series begins Wednesday, September 24, 2014 with Professor Robin Wall Kimmerer, Director of the ESF Center for Native Peoples and the Environment and author of Braiding Sweetgrass: Indigenous Wisdom, Scientific Knowledge and the Teachings of Plants. Dr. Kimmerer’s talk is titled “The Honorable Harvest: Indigenous Knowledge and Conservation.”
  • The RadTech International North America/SUNY-ESF Radiation Curing Program credit and non-credit short courses begin September 8th for ESF and visiting graduate and undergraduate students or professionals.
  • The SURE program’s first event of the year is “Sustainable Practices in Central New York,” a one and a half-day program held October 2 & 3, 2014 in collaboration with the Sustainable Enterprise Partnership. Join Dr. Brad Allenby, Lincoln Professor of Engineering and Ethics at Arizona State University to learn more about the future of sustainability and industrial ecology.
  • The 13th Annual New York State Green Building Conference will be held at a new location: The Holiday Inn Syracuse-Liverpool in Liverpool, NY.

All this and more! Visit us in ESF’s new Gateway Center, learn more on the web at, or contact us at (315) 470-6817 or

Happy New Year!

Dr. Chuck Spuches
Associate Provost for Outreach

Explore the Future of UV/EB Advanced Manufacturing with Lance Pickens

Wednesday, August 27, 2014, 2:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. EST

Click on the image to check out one of MadeSolid’s innovative uses of UV radiation.

Recent market research indicates that 3-D printing is about to skyrocket, and ultraviolet radiation (UV) cured materials are poised to play a major role in this development.   Resins cured by UV allow creators to quickly fabricate 3-D printed products from high-quality materials.  Lance Pickens, Founder and CEO of MadeSolid, Inc, will share his inside perspective on this exciting technology to kick off the 2014-2015 Future of UV/EB Advanced Manufacturing Webinar series.

Lance Pickens is a fast emerging visionary in 3-D printing.  He studied plastic and polymer chemistry at the University of Southern California and the Illinois Institute of Technology before founding his own company, MadeSolid, Inc.  Based in Emeryville, California, MadeSolid develops advanced materials for 3-D printers with a meticulous focus on superior mechanical properties and a commitment to user-friendly products.  Through an intrepid crowdsourcing campaign and the help of early beta users, MadeSolid develops products that give 3-D printer users access to advanced materials.

Lance will share his unique experiences and outlook for the role of UV curing as 3-D printing technology continues to accelerate. Join this exciting webinar for an inside look at developments in advanced materials for 3-D printing. Free registration is available online.  Check out the Future of UV/EB Webinar Series website for more details.

Join us for 2014-15 Future of UV/EB Webinar Series

2:00 p.m. August 27th, Online

Lance Pickens, 3-D printing visionary and CEO of MadeSolid, Inc., kicks off the 2014-2015 Future of UV/EB Webinar series. MadeSolid develops advanced materials for 3-D printers with a focus on superior mechanical properties and ease of use. Lance will recount developments in advanced materials for 3-D printing and share his perspective on the role of UV curing as 3-D printing technology continues to accelerate. Register for the webinar today!

Want to learn even more about radiation curing?

Register now for Fall Radiation Curing Program courses.  Radiation Curing Program courses are offered in a convenient and flexible web-based format at affordable prices, thanks to a U.S. Department of Labor grant awarded to SUNY-ESF and RadTech.

  • Introduction to Polymer Coatings – Online
    September 8, 2014 – November 14, 2014
    Register here.
  • Radiation Curing of Polymer Technologies – Online
    September 22, 2014 – December 5, 2014
    Register here.
  • Radiation Curing Equipment, Instrumentation and Safety – Online
    September 22, 2014 – November 14, 2014
    Register here.

With questions contact Kate Wall, Program Coordinator, ESF Outreach (315-470-4871/6817)