Yes, you can take summer courses at ESF!

Many exciting courses will be offered, including:

General Chemistry II and Lab
(FCH 152), (FCH 153) Instructor:  Crandall
Climate Change Science & Sustainability
ESF Online course (ENS 200) Instructor:  Eichorn
Introduction to Probability & Statistics
(APM 391) Instructor:  Kiernan
Biomimicry and Resilience Science
(CME 496/796) Instructors:  Stack & Stack
Computer Aided Design
(LSA 303/696) Instructor:  Toland
Introduction to Geospatial Information Technologies
(ESF 300) Instructor:  Bevilacqua
Introduction to Green Entrepreneurship
(FOR 106) Instructor:  Lim

Summer Session courses are offered at SUNY-ESF’s reasonable tuition rates (in  state undergraduate:  $220/credit; in state graduate:  $370/credit*).  Registration continues through the spring.

Be sure to check the Summer Session website frequently as new courses continue to be added at

* Tuition costs referenced here are based on currently published rates and are subject to change:

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