Take ESF home with you this summer!

Online courses are an effective, efficient way to advance your knowledge from the comfort of your living room, front porch, or local coffee shop.  ESF Summer Session offers a variety of excellent online courses, several of which fulfill general education requirements (indicated by an * in the list below)!  You will receive high-quality instruction delivered with the convenience and flexibility of online learning, all at SUNY’s favorable tuition rates (in state undergraduate: $220/credit; in state graduate: $370/credit**).

Currently listed Summer Session online courses include:

ESC 200 Climate Change Science and Sustainability (Maymester)
EST 296 American History: Colonization to Civil War (Maymester)
APM 104* College Algebra and Precalculus (Session 1)
ESF 200 Information Literacy (Session 1)
EST 201* American History: Reconstruction to Present (Session 1)
EWP 290* Research Writing and the Humanities (Session 1)
FOR 201 Introduction to Watershed Hydrology (Session 1)
LSA 496 / 696 Art and Environment in American Culture (Session 1)
EFB 120* The Global Environment and the Evolution of Human Society (Combined Session)

Be sure to check the Summer Session website frequently for updates, a full course list (including field-based and on-campus courses), section numbers, and course descriptions:  www.esf.edu/outreach/summer/

** Tuition costs referenced here are based on currently published rates and are subject to change: www.esf.edu/bursar/costs.htm


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