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Get ESF off the Hill!

In a presentation to a group of education, business and community leaders, Dr. Neil Murphy (ESF president) spoke about ESF’s long-standing commitment to outreach and service.  In response to a question regarding outreach, he said the ESF Outreach Office’s role is to “Get ESF off the Hill.”

ESF’s Barbara Newman talks with Peter King during a meeting with Outreach staff at King + King Architects’.

Dr. Murphy’s comment refers to the larger “university hill” comprised of SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse University, SUNY-ESF and numerous owner-operated businesses. Getting ESF off the Hill also reflects Dr. Murphy’s vision of ESF’s role in our immediate community and ESF’s service to communities of professional practice and scholarship near and far.

Dr. Murphy’s notion of Get ESF off the Hill is reflected in our students’ and faculty’s support and leadership of numerous community service, service-learning, professional education, and educational outreach programs and projects.  Outreach at ESF takes many forms and, as we begin a new academic year, we are enthused about numerous opportunities for our faculty, staff and students to collaborate with colleges, universities, and organizations throughout our community and the U.S. on state-wide, regional, national and international educational programs and projects.

Combined with the New York State Green Building Conference, the national American Ecological Engineering Society conference, the Environmental Challenge and other programs, ESF and our partners served over 2,000 youth and adults from over 40 states and provinces throughout the U.S. and Canada during one 3 ½ month period in 2012 (and over 3,000 individuals within the past year).

ESF’s outreach calendar  illustrates the diversity of ongoing and new programs to be held this year.

The ESF Outreach Office staff, like Dr. Murphy, also aspires to the vision of Getting ESF off the Hill by participating in meetings at our partner’s locations.  This approach has provided our staff with opportunities to personally experience new and innovative green initiatives and to begin a dialogue with remarkable professionals in our community.

Over the last several months, Outreach has appreciated the hospitality of

We look forward to this new academic year and invite you to learn more about ESF’s outreach programs at

Dr. Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost for Outreach