Enhancing American Jobs and Global Competitiveness: A Collaborative Initiative in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing

I am pleased to announce that ESF and its partners are launching a new grant-funded program. This project and its program components are supported, in part, by a U.S. Department of Labor, Employment and Training Administration H-1B Technical Skills Training Grant, Enhancing American Jobs and Global Competitiveness: A Collaborative Initiative in Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing. In this round of funding, SUNY-ESF and its partners have received one of 43 awards made by the U.S. Department of Labor in 28 states and the only one made to an institution in New York State.

ESF is home to the Institute for Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing (ISMM), and its component Ultraviolet/Electron Beam Curing Technology Center. ISMM’s mission is to study, develop, and transfer the latest technologies in sustainable materials and manufacturing, and to educate manufacturers, students, and others about the benefits of these technologies through formal and informal instruction and training. Therefore, our latest project in Technical Skills Training integrates ISMM’s mission and advances ESF’s outreach mission to engage learners outside the immediate college community.

Sustainable materials and manufacturing (SMM) is a vital sector of the U.S. economy. Radiation curing technologies (utilizing ultraviolet light and electron beams) are innovative and high-growth fields in the advanced manufacturing sector that is currently a $1 billion/year industry in North America.

Given the importance and growth of this sector, this ESF-led multistate public-private collaboration will equip U.S. citizens to fill roles in this field through distance-learning training and professional development comprised of three core components:

  • a post-baccalaureate certificate in Radiation Curing of Resins and related externships.
  • an industry-recognized Certified Production Technician credential.
  • a professional webinar series, the Future of UV/EB Advanced Manufacturing: Trends, Strategies, and Applications, offered by SUNY-ESF in collaboration with RadTech International North America beginning Fall 2012.

RadTech International North America is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the technical, educational and market advancement of ultraviolet (UV) and electron beam (EB) technology. RadTech has over 600 members that supply and use UV/EB equipment, raw materials and formulated products.

The national webinar series will address timely and relevant trends, issues and applications for individuals and organizations committed to expanding or exploring ultraviolet/electron beam (UV/EB) curing technologies. Selected topics will include an introduction to UV/EB materials, equipment, measurements, state and federal regulations and applications to food packaging and metals substrates. Webinars will include sixty minutes of real-time presentation and an interactive facilitated discussion with participants. This webinar series will also feature training and educational opportunities available through the SUNY-ESF/RadTech collaboration. All webinars are offered without cost to interested individuals.

Introduction to UV/EB Materials                                                              Dr. Mike Idacavage, Director, Business Development, Esstech Inc.                       2:00 PM – 3:00 PM EDT  /  September 27, 2012

Webinar Description:
The Energy Curable industry has grown tremendously since its beginnings in the early 1970s. The use of light or low energy electrons as the energy source for curing coatings is very attractive from a sustainability point of view. However, the main driving force for this technology has been the ability to lower process time and costs along with the ability to prepare coatings with unique properties. This webinar will present an introduction to UV and EB curing. In addition to some basic chemistry, an overview of various aspects pertaining to the formulation of UV and EB coatings will be covered.

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Project Partners include:

  • Manufacturers Association of Central New York (MACNY)
  • RadTech International North America
  • New York State Department of Labor
  • Rapid Cure Technologies, Inc.
  • The Manufacturing Institute
  • Onondaga County Workforce Investment Board
  • Central New York Technology Development Organization
  • CenterState Corporation for Economic Opportunity (CenterState CEO)
  • New York Academy of Sciences
  • Partners for Education & Business
  • New York State Energy Research Development Authority

For more information about SUNY-ESF and its Institute for Sustainable Materials and Manufacturing’s UV/EB Curing Technology Center and other related education and training opportunities please visit http://www.esf.edu/outreach/projects/sustainus/

Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost for Outreach

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