SUNY-ESF Students Think Green in Demolition Process

Academic Research Building

SUNY-ESF’s plans for the Academic Research Building (ARB) that is expected to be constructed beginning this year and be completed in 2015.

During the past few years, SUNY-ESF has undergone rapid growth with the recently completed renovations to Baker Laboratory, the addition of Centennial Hall (SUNY-ESF’s first dormitory) and the newly constructed Gateway Building (housing an event center, café, and college bookstore and the new home to ESF Outreach and ESF’s office of Admissions in the coming months). The next project is the construction of a new Academic Research Building (ARB) that will house SUNY-ESF’s Department of Environmental and Forest Biology in the future. The ARB will be constructed using green technologies and house state of the art facilities for biological research.

Making room for the new ARB facility has required the demolition of some houses that were located adjacent to the SUNY-ESF campus. This demolition process has served as a learning experience for a number of SUNY-ESF students who were challenged to make the demolition process as green as possible. As a result, a substantial amount of the materials from these houses were reclaimed and will be re-used. At least 50% of the materials from these houses were saved and will not pile up in landfills. Because of the careful documentation conducted during this process, the “green demolition” may be studied by others who are interested in green construction techniques, such as those attending of the upcoming 11th Annual NYS Green Building Conference (March 11 – 13, 2013).

For further information on SUNY-ESF’s green demolition, you can watch WSYR’s news video featuring Paul Crovella, Instructor in the Department of Sustainable Construction Management and Engineering at SUNY-ESF, or read the article on WSYR’s website.

For more on the 11th Annual NYS Green Building Conference and other SUNY-ESF Outreach initiatives, visit the Outreach Website (

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