Wetland Restoration Courses

This summer at SUNY-ESF, renowned wildlife biologist and wetland ecologist Tom Biebighauser will be teaching a 3-credit online Wetland Restoration Techniques course and a 1-credit Wetlands Restoration Practicum field course. EFB 496/696 Wetland Restoration Techniques will focus on the importance of wetlands, factors affecting restoration, low cost and effective construction techniques for wetland restoration, and examinations of the effects of wetland restoration on habitat and environmental health. EFB 496/696 Wetland Restoration Practicum is a 2 day field course that will allow students to collaborate with their instructor and the U.S. Forest Service on an actual wetland restoration in the finger lakes region near Hector, NY.


Tom Biebighauser working in the field.

Tom Biebighauser has restored more than 1,400 wetlands across North America and aided more than 90 teachers in building wetlands as outdoor classrooms. In addition to his work as a wildlife biologist and wetland ecologist with the U.S. Forest Service, Tom has authored the books A Guide to Creating Vernal Ponds, Wetland Drainage, Restoration and Repair, and Wetland Restoration and Construction – A Technical Guide and has developed and taught a Wetland Design course at the University of Louisville (Kentucky).

For more information about Tom’s courses or other SUNY-ESF Summer Session courses, visit www.esf.edu/outreach/summer/.

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