ESF Online Courses

This year SUNY-ESF will offer a record 14 online Summer Session courses, twice the number of online courses that ran during the 2012 Summer Session! With the further expansion of ESF Online, there is greater freedom for students to take classes around the corner or around the world. ESF students who leave the Syracuse area for the summer, you now have an even greater opportunity to Take ESF Home with You allowing you to Simplify your Summer while earning college credits from home. With the enlargement of ESF Online, ESF’s ability to live up to its motto ‘Improve Your World’ expands by making ESF courses accessible to individuals, regardless of their geographic location!


ESF Online courses currently being offered during the 2013 SUNY-ESF Summer Session.

Courses offered online are diverse and serve a wide range of student interests and needs. Online course options include general education requirements such as American History, College Algebra and Precalculus, Research Writing and Humanities, and others. Anyone who is interested in learning more about large-scale environmental issues and how they relate to the development of human societies would certainly enjoy The Global Environment and Evolution of Human Society. Additionally, more specialized courses are also offered including Wetlands Restoration Techniques and three courses in advanced manufacturing relating to polymer coatings and radiation curing.

There’s a lot to love about Summer Session! Check out the complete course listing at


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