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Local High School Recognizes SUNY-ESF

ESM Award 2014

ESF Outreach’s Brandon Murphy and Rick Beal, as well as ESF faculty members Klaus Dolle and Rafaat Hussein, were honored by the East Syracuse-Minoa Central School District with a Partnership for Learning award. For four years, ESF has partnered with East Syracuse-Minoa through the ESF in the High School program. This partnership also includes research at the Village of Minoa’s Cleanwater Educational Research Facility.

In this program, students apply knowledge gained from two college level courses to real world problems. Following the curriculum in the Global Environment and Alternative Energy courses, students engage in research on various topics, including compost energy efficiency and aquaculture systems. One such project analyzes the ability of different compost materials to heat a greenhouse through the winter.

This award was presented by John and Pamela Herrington, two ESF alumni who work with Outreach in the ESF in the High School program. Congratulations to Rick Beal, Brandon Murphy, and the entire ESF in the High School team!