SPARE: Solar Power As Renewable Energy

October 27 – 30, 2014, Syracuse

Solar PanelAs the demand for sustainable energy grows, photovoltaic panels are becoming a popular way to go green and save money.  Consumers making the jump to solar energy look to expert installers to site, design, and maintain these complex systems.

Through the 4-day SPARE Basic Photovoltaic Installer Course, participants can learn the essentials of photovoltaic technology for household use.  The course includes sizing and design for grid- and off-grid systems, various electrical load levels, different mounting configurations, and for the problems associated with shade and orientation. Safety practices for installers and the study of the electrical code for photovoltaic systems will be covered in some detail. Participants will learn about various mounting systems for photovoltaic arrays and how they affect roofs. As part of the class, participants get hands-on experience by building a working photovoltaic system.

This course is recognized by the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP), and along with passing score on the NABCEP Entry Level Exam, counts as 18 hours applicable towards certification.

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