10 Reasons to Take ESF Summer Semester Courses

  1. Enjoy some summer sunshine.  Summer is the best time to be in the field.  Taking Field Ornithology would get you outside to hear the birds sing.
  2. Take a unique course.  Take Wetland Restoration Techniques  and Wetland Restoration Practicum with Tom Beibighauser, a top experienced professional in the wetland restoration field.
  3. Devote more time and energy to a difficult course.  Take Physics of Life or Principles of Genetics as a summer course to focus all of your studying power on these difficult courses.
  4. Get a gen ed or prerequisite course out of the way.  American History: From Discovery to Civil War and American History: Reconstruction to Present meet the SUNY General Education requirement for American History.
  5. Have your cake and eat it too!  Short Maymester courses don’t take your whole break!  Try Water Resources to earn four credit-hours in just two short weeks!
  6. Online classes can make a summer at home more bearable.  Instead of watching Netflix, take Film & Environment: Nature, Culture, & Image in Movies to get credit for watching movies.
  7. Finish school early or on-time.  Many of the ESF Summer Semester courses are required to graduate.  Take College Algebra & Trigonometry or College Algebra & Pre-Calculus to jump start your college career.
  8. Explore a topic you are passionate about. Lots of ESF Summer Semester courses help inspire you to improve your world.  Urban Agriculture & Food Cultures covers important topics like food security, environmental quality, and sustainable communities.
  9. Take a class with friends.  Your schedules aren’t as full during the summer term.  How about Flora of Central New York, where you’ll study plants and flowers in the lab and out in the field?
  10. You like a good adventure.  Join the National Park Service Field School at Acadia National Park to explore one of America’s most beloved landscape while gaining real skills in cultural landscape preservation.

Learn more about ESF Summer Semester and all of these great classes at: www.esf.edu/outreach/summer/. Registration begins February 2, 2015.

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