Where will ESF Summer Semester take you?

Craving some adventure in 2015? ESF Summer Semester might be able to help!

This year’s field experiences could take you to

  • Lucky Star Ranch in Chaumont, NY. Take Wildlife Field Techniques (EFB 496) and learn about wildlife monitoring and management techniques while staying on the ranch.  Best part: There are no additional fees for transportation, board, or meals!
  • Washington D.C. Take Natural History Museums and Modern Science (EFB 404) to explore the role of natural history museums as places of research and public education for one week in Washington D.C.
  • Heiberg Forest. Take Forest Health Monitoring (EFB 439) to get hands-on experience managing healthy forests in ESF’s own Heiberg Forest.
  • New York City. Take 7 days in NYC: Exploring Contemporary Urban Landscapes (LSA 496/696) to dive into landscape architectures issues in one of America’s most exciting cities.
  • Hudson River. Take The Hudson River Watershed: Source to Sink in Eight Days (EFB 500) to see the history and ecology of this fascinating watershed come to life.
  • New York City. Take Urban Agriculture and Food Cultures (LSA 496/696) for a taste of food from around the world from right here in Syracuse.  The field trip to New York City will give you a taste of the Big Apple’s urban agriculture scene.
  • Acadia National Park. Take National Park Service Field School at Acadia National Park (LSA 496/696) to study park management and cultural landscape preservation while working in the historic Acadia National Park.  Best part: Transportation, housing, and a stipend are included.
  • Finger Lakes National Forest near Watkins Glen, NY. Take Wetland Restoration Practicum (EFB 496/696) to get your hands dirty restoring a real wetland site alongside experts in the Finger Lakes National Forest.
  • Anywhere! ESF Summer Semester is offering 19 online courses.  Take ESF wherever you go (as long as you have an internet connection)!

Make plans now to get ahead or catch up with one or more of our 30+ ESF Summer Semester on-campus, online, and field-based courses. View the complete course schedule online. Registration opens February 2nd.

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