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Governor’s Visit to ESF Campus

NYS Governor, Andrew Cuomo, was on campus last week as part of a State-wide effort supporting his 2015 budget proposal and his “Opportunity Agenda”.  The Governors’ visit suggested that it might be helpful to gather some of the new year reports from leaders who represent and influence PK-12 and post-secondary education, training and economic development in Central New York, New York State and the U.S.  Here they are…

Dr. Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost
ESF Outreach


Summer Semester? With four feet of snow left to shovel?!

Yes!  It’s that time to look ahead and prepare to make the most of our summer months, especially for our ESF students and students from other campuses.

Preparations are well underway for ESF’s Summer Semester. Registration opened this week!

The Summer 2015 schedule of classes  includes  online,  on-campus, and a variety of field-experiences held in locations near and far.  All of which are, of course, offered at very affordable SUNY tuition rates.

Please join our outstanding group of instructors for a productive and enjoyable summer course experience.  And please help us to invite and encourage others to explore ESF Summer courses that will help them to catch up, get ahead and make the most of their summer.

We welcome your thoughts and questions and we look forward to working with you.

All our best,
Dr. Chuck Spuches, Associate Provost
ESF Outreach

In case you’re curious about  the reference to “four more feet of snow”.  Syracuse is one of the snowiest cities in the U.S. (with populations of 50,000 and more), with annual average snowfall of nine to ten feet.  So far we’ve received almost six feet – so four more to go!  And who knows how much of that will be ‘lake effect snow’!  Why do you think Dave Eichorn’s Meteorology (FOR 338/538) course is so popular?