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Senior Reunion & Alumni and Family Fall Weekend

I had the opportunity to share an update on many of the College’s ongoing and new outreach activities as part of the recent Senior Reunion & Alumni and Family Fall Weekend. With thanks to my Alumni Office friends for this honor, and on behalf of our staff, faculty, and collaborators, I invite you to please review the handout shared at this event  and to please contact me with any thoughts and questions you may have: ESF Alumni Office Senior Reunion Spuch PDF

As part of the many activities the Alumni Office held that weekend, I thoroughly enjoyEcotonesed the Ecotones, ESF’s very own a cappella vocal group. Bravo!

Here’s a link to their Facebook page.

Please note: Moonlighting (Wednesday, October 21st) will move from Moon Library to ESF’s Gateway Center toNew local accommodate a greater number of participants! Free admission – but please register to assist with our planning and preparation.





All our best,

Dr. Chuck Spuches, ESF Outreach