Research results: Green Office Environments = Significantly Improved Performance

From our friends at the Syracuse Center of Excellence…

Research results: Green Office Environments = Significantly Improved Performance

With warm thanks to the many SyracuseCoE Partners who participated in a pioneering research project last fall in our Total Indoor Environmental Quality Lab, we are very pleased to share that the results of the study were published Monday in the journal Environmental Health Perspectives:

Researchers from Harvard, Upstate Medical University and Syracuse University found that cognitive performance scores for the participants who worked in the green+ environments were, on average, double those of participants who worked in conventional environments; scores for those working in green environments were 61% higher. Measuring nine cognitive function domains, researchers found that the largest improvements occurred in the areas of:

  • Crisis response (97% higher scores in green conditions and 131% higher in green+)
  • Strategy (183% and 288% higher)
  • Information usage (172% and 299% higher)

In addition, when researchers looked at the effect of CO2—not normally thought of as a direct indoor pollutant—they found that, for seven of the nine cognitive functions tested, average scores decreased as CO2 levels increased to levels commonly observed in many indoor environments.

SyracuseCoE is proud to have played a role in this research, and we’re grateful for the active participation of so many of our Partners. A presentation by the research team is expected at SyracuseCoE in December or January, and we’ll let you know as that date is confirmed.

For more information on the study and its findings, visit:,-Positive-Impact-on-Cognitive-Function.aspx

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