From the green screen to the green scene: Congratulations Dave Eichorn!

20231257-largeAs many of you who are friends and collaborators know, Dave Eichorn, renowned as a local media celebrity and beloved meteorologist (an extraordinary accomplishment in a region accustomed to getting 9 feet of snow, including  unpredictable Lake Effect snow  each winter!), has long occupied a treasured place in our ESF community.  Dave was, for example, the keynote speaker for the Environmental Challenge for over a decade.  I’ll always remember fondly the day he announced to  500 Syracuse City middle school students that he was going to return to school to complete his degree – and they cheered wildly.  I don’t know who derived more inspiration from that exchange, Dave, the students, or the others of us in the auditorium…

When we embarked on a NASA Global Climate Change Education project (2009-11), SUNY Sustainability: A Climate Change Solution Curriculum, Dave worked with us AND completed his masters degree.  This YouTube video gives you a hint of the focus of our project and of Dave’s good work.

A Meteorologist on Climate Change recently paid tribute to Dave in a piece titled,

After 37 years, Syracuse weatherman Dave Eichorn gives his last on-air forecast

This title says it all…

Join me in congratulating Dave for his extraordinary love of weather, of the relationship between climate and weather (what Dave calls, environmental meteorology),  for his ability to communicate his passion,  and for  inspiring each and every one  of us.

As reported, Dave intends to pursue a Ph.D. here at SUNY-ESF. He  will continue as an adjunct professor at ESF and we very much look forward to further collaboration with our friend and colleague.

All our best,

Chuck Spuches


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