Congratulations Tim Shaughnessy of Rapid Cure

Congratulations to our colleague Tim Shaughnessy, who was featured in a recent column on leadership.   Tim and his partner, Dan Montoney, pooled $8,000 to start Rapid Cure Technologies in 2011.  Rapid Cure “creates customized chemical formulas that dry quickly when they are exposed to light, usually wavelengths in the ultraviolet range. The rapid curing dramatically lowers the energy needed to dry a product and it releases fewer compounds into the atmosphere.”


October 02, 2012-Syracuse-Governor Andrew M. Cuomo along with Dan Montoney of Rapid Cure discuss energy curing.

Tim and Dan have been instrumental in the creation and launch of the Radiation Curing Program (RCP), an education and training program that helps both students, industry professionals and organizations capitalize on the emerging energy curing technologies opportunities.

Read the complete article, Tim Shaughnessy on leadership: Ask questions, be direct and decisive, get your hands dirty at

Read more about the Radiation Curing Program here including these   American Chemical Society, Green Chemistry blog posts: Low Energy Radiation Curing Program Offered at SUNY and Industry/Academic Collaboration Advances Low-Energy Radiation Curing

Dr. Chuck Spuches, ESF Outreach

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