NYC Students do SCIENCE in Syracuse

For the second summer, high school students from New York City spent a week at ESF this immersing themselves in hands-on science.

The students co08-05-seome to ESF through the New York City-based non-profit organization, Sponsors for Educational Opportunity Scholars (SEO).  Participating students investigated a number of topics including renewable energy, participated in a nature hike at Clarks Reservation paying particular notice to the history and geology of the park, learned about the ecology of Onondaga Lake and area streams, and discussed the impact of invasive species on native plants and animals.

The SEO scholars worked with the ESF SCIENCE (Summer Camps Investigating Ecology in Neighborhood and City Environments) program, and the ESF Science Corps who offer a series of weeklong camps through the summer in collaboration with various public, private and community-based organizations. Along with the Science Corps’ undergraduate and graduate student staff, SEO students worked with Professor Emanuel Carter and other ESF faculty and staff.

Visit the ESF Outreach web to learn about ESF SCIENCE and read a related article here.

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