Introducing the ESF Open Academy

OA Blog BannerAs the sun shines brightly on our campus this morning, I’d like to introduce you to the ESF Open Academy.

You may have heard that we have renamed ESF Outreach.  ESF’s educational outreach office is now the ESF Open Academy. This new name represents an academic unit that encompasses the College’s pre-collegiate, professional, and public education programs, as well as a renewed commitment to online education.

In the near term, you may get the impression that we are all about online education. A lot of our attention will indeed focus on this College priority. Nevertheless, you and our learners will continue to have opportunity to learn about and participate in all of the well-established programs that have earned ESF state-wide and national recognition.

As we work to expand ESF’s reach and impact, I ask for your active support and involvement. Your thoughts and questions are always welcome and will be appreciated – thank you!

Although our new web site is still being developed, please learn more about ESF’s Open Academy and our Teaching and Learning Collaboratory here.

We look forward to working with you.

Chuck Spuches, Dean, ESF Open Academy


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