A Spirit of Collaboration: OLCC & ESF

AOLCC Pic2s a member of the Onondaga Lake Conservation Corps (OLCC) Advisory Board, I had the privilege to witness a true spirit of collaboration when Dr. Tony Eallonardo and Amelia Hoffman worked together to combine an OLCC-sponsored Onondaga Creek Cleanup with an ESF Saturday of Service (as part first year student orientation).

Tony, an ESF alum (B.S. in 2002, M.S. in 2006, and Ph.D. in 2010), is a Scientist at O’Brien & Gere where he focuses on Plant Ecology and Ecosystem Restoration. Tony’s also an OLCC Advisory Board member.

Amelia coordinates ESF’s Academic Success Center where she helps students achieve their academic goals through large and small group tutoring, academic coaching, workshops, and success planning.

Thanks to each of you for your inspiring leadership and for all you do for ESF students and our community.

Chuck Spuches, Dean, ESF Open Academy


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