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Decades of Dedication

I invite you to please join me and my Outreach Office teammates in congratulating Terry Sakowski Webb on her 36 years of service. In this time, Terry has worked with and served countless ESF students, faculty, staff and off-campus colleagues.  Terry’s work has included the human resources office, admissions and most recently (since 2004) ESF’s outreach office.  Terry has a deep sense of commitment to ESF, to her colleagues, to doing things right and doing them well.  All of us who know and work with Terry have come to appreciate these qualities in Terry, along with an appreciation of the love she has for her family and friends.

Here’s to  a true ESFer!  Thank you, Terry!!!

Chuck Spuches, Assistant to the President for Outreach

Terry is pictured here with ESF wildlife biology junior (and ESF Outreach student assistant), Mikayla Warren, from Jefferson County New York.